How I channel Emma Stone on a zero budget

Tuesday, October 07, 2014 Henaly M. 2 Comments

Jacket(Asos), Dress (Michael Kors), Boots (Vince Camuto), Neckless (Etsy)

The high street fashion on a broke girl's budget seems like a piece of cake in comparison with broke girl's self hair coloring. First of all I don't have the money or the one friend with magic hands that could do the job for me ( sorry friends).
Second, the rule of 'if in doubt go for a lighter shade' doesn't apply to me. I always end up with a ginger hair. It could be fun if I was trying to actually achieve an orange palette. *But* I was trying to go back to my natural, almost ash color. 

Meanwhile I'm going to try channel my inner Emma Stone. 
So, what should I do with my next paycheck: wish list vs. a new hair?