How to sugarcoat an all-nighter ?

At the last couple of weeks I had too many all-nighters in a row. To sugarcoat my sleepiest moments I put some random youtube songs and found out that Kat Graham isn't such a bad singer or at least the two and a half songs I listened to were good...

So here's my tips to pull a glamorous all-nighter: 

  1. Be positive. No matter what keeps you up, there's a reason you want to get over with it.
  2. Drink tea, not coffee! Coffee has a bad attitude, it's like saying "I need my drug to stay awake", remember you want to be positive. And tea has some caffeine in it... or at least someone told me that once.
  3. Drink your tea out of a fancy glass. You know, home decor is like architecture, you can live in a cave but why would you want to do it?
  4. DONT do facebook - it might keep you awake BUT you'll spend your time on FACEBOOK instead doing what you should and eventually waste your time.
  5. If your a music person, put some music, but not too load, you don't want to be distracted ;)
  6. Make you bad, there's nothing better to go to sleep in some clean sheets.

P.S. Here's some OneRepublic, singing about what I wish I had  :) Just kidding, all good.

Good life,
night :) 

Friday links

1. xoVain is telling us about her secret single behavior and I admit I could make a list of my own .

2. BuzzFeed will tell you how old is your soul.

3. Emma Watson is going to do some singing in Beauty and the Beast. This girl can do anything!

4. Elle is showing us how to get defined cheekbones in 4 easy steps.

5. A masterpiece of an article - Knowing the right necklines for your face and body - Part 1 and Part 2.

6. Huffington Post tells us about 11 struggles every new runner understands.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Despite the contradicting reviews I've read about the movie, I must admit that I liked it. Dakota did a great job as Ana, despite my previous worries about her casting. The main storyline was almost untouched and the daring scenes were filmed with a good taste, leaving a lot to the imagination. 

I'm happy that I stopped calling this movie a guilty pleasure of mine and finally watched it. My advice to you is to do the same. Also, always remember that the critics' taste is very different that that of the main audience. 

My blue eyed beauty

Feeling playful, what about you? 

Friday links

This week's TOP 6 links are sponsored by my obsession to DIY art and procrastination. You see, I had an important exam I was trying to avoid, so I did some serious digging online for great links. 

1. Chemical reactions that look like art (Buzz Feed).

2. DIY a new picture: How to paint darks and shadows in watercolor (Artinstruction blog).

3. Jenna Lyons will teach you some tricks, including how to roll your sleeves (MAN REPELLER).

4. DIY abstract artwork tutorial (Cuckoo 4 Design).

5. Mercedes-Benz fashion week Russia street style (Style).

6. Unfortunately, this week Oscar De La Renta has passed away. Here is the best work of the designer in Vogue (Vogue).

Have a great weekend ^^

How I channel Emma Stone on a zero budget

Jacket(Asos), Dress (Michael Kors), Boots (Vince Camuto), Neckless (Etsy)